you can now download the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2x7" for free off of sendspace. the link is right here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jhep33. this is a big file, almost 250 MB. but it also includes the LIFE/DEATH zine in all it's glory. i hope you enjoy.

you can now purchase the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2x7" from COMMUNICATION IS NOT WORDS. this is probably going to be the only distro selling this record, so i would suggest picking one up there soon before they're out and gone forever. the "FUZZ LIFE" tshirts are now on sale for $6 over at the BADD HABITS shop. of course, the only size left is extra large. but hey, maybe you can take it in? or cut the design out and make a back patch! or frame that shit and hang it up!

so i made a bandcamp for the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM eps. WEEDMUSIC.BANDCAMP.COM to hear the albums in their entirety. get high, check out the jams, eat some food.

more copies of DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM added to the BADDHABITS store! get em while they're around!

the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2x7" is on sale now over at BADD-HABITS.COM! right now, it's only available in the united states, but very soon it'll be available for europe/world through communication is not words! along with the records we have a new tshirt! FUZZ LIFE!

seriously, thank you so fucking much to the people who came out to the show on may 26th. it was probably our last show. ever. really. we had such a good fucking time though. thank you so much for coming out, getting sweaty, and singing along with us. we had a fucking blast. thank you, seriously. so much! xoxo

as the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2x7" record release nears, we'll be premiering a brand new song off of one of the EPs on monday the 21st over at SIQSHIT.COM. it's all to help build up the show on may 26th in boston. the LIFE/DEATH zine will be available for the first time as well as a new tshirt design and some other extras. don't miss out and check siqshit.com on monday!

the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2x7" record release show is in less than two weeks. we'll have the new records, some ARTHUR CARR LPS, new tshirts, posters, the LIFE/DEATH zines and maybe some extra goodies available at the show! it's been a long time since we've played a show, and it's taken a long time for these records to come out. this is a very important show to us and i'm hoping we'll be seeing a lot of faces may 26th. i'll post some designs for the tshirt and posters for you guys to see soon. fuck yes!

fuck, haven't updated this shit in forever. with probably the longest build up and wait for a record in history, the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2X7" is pressed and sitting in boxes in france. we've all been busy living, but are slowly pulling our shit together. finishing up the LIFE/DEATH zine that will come with the records. record release show in boston this may 2012. will be available for purchase online soon for europe & the states. thanks everyone.

i was recently sent a picture of the test presses for the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2X7" from our friend thomas who runs COMMUNICATION IS NOT WORDS. he tells me this release will finally be available this july (if all goes well). more updates soon!!

so like i said the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2x7" is now in the hands of the label and the plant. hopefully there are no more delays and this record will be out this spring/summer. but if you're still itching to hear some unreleased recorded material check out the "STILL NOT PROUD" compilation put together by COMADRE and the "ALL COPS ARE DADS" compilation being released on cassette. those should hold you over...

we just got back our mastered tracks for the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM double 7" being released by COMMUNICATION IS NOT WORDS. they were mastered by jack shirley at the atomic garden studios and we're super psyched on how they turned out! this shit is dropping so soon and it has taken too long for this release to see the light of day. stick with us, you'll be happy you waited!!!

john will be flying over to boston this weekend for a few days. and who knows, maybe we'll actually play a show. i would check back here or on our FACEBOOK page to find out if and when they'll be a L'ANTIETAM show this weekend.

the DARK BREW/ROCK BOTTOM 2x7" is going to press in february thanks to COMMUNICATION IS NOT WORDS and we'll hopefully have it in our hands this winter/spring. and we'll also hopefully have a string of release shows in the northeast area (maybe west coast?) to follow up. we'll also have a brand new unreleased song featured on an upcoming compilation/zine titled "ALL COPS ARE DADS" being released by the what we talk about when we talk about records collective. and on that compilation is a bunch of new material by 24 of the best bands coming up in boston right now. the release date for it is early february, but they'll be a pre-order going up this week!

we're playing our first show in 7 months on november 29th in allston at great scott. kinda like a do-over from the show that we were supposed to play back in july. this time the show is with FURNACE, LUAU, NOW DENIAL & LATE NITE WARS. we'll have new shirts at this show along with some more goodies. don't miss out and show up stoned. also, SNEEZE, which is dereks new band, just finished recording their first ep. it sounds amazing and that should be getting out there soon. be on the look out for BEDROOM EYES new material as well. if you don't know BEDROOM EYES consists of the infamous mc grape and rj along with two other great dudes.

trying to get our asses to europe sometime soon, we're trying to get in touch with some friends to see how much help we can get before we start begging. we'll be playing some shows before the end 2010 in the boston area, so please keep your ears open. for now, get into it with BEDROOM EYES & SNEEZE.

so while we take a break and prepare for our new 7"s to be released. derek is playing drums in a band called COERCED. they are leaving for a small tour next week and you need to check them out because they fucking rip. find out their tour dates HERE.

we will be mastering the material we recorded with will killingsworth for our two upcoming 7"s DARK BREW & ROCK BOTTOM very soon. we've been talking to a few different labels about helping with these releases but we have no final plans yet. we are currently planning a show in boston in july with daniel striped tiger, furnace & white problems. we will also be planning an upcoming tour of sorts soon. announcements to come.

thank you.